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Working on my Rumble Roses site... :: Posted on 23th February 2007

I will be taking a short break from capturing DOAX2 videos, but i will be capturing Rumble Roses XX Vidoes instead :) Feel free to visit my Rumble Roses site here
- Rumble-Roses.net

Added More Tina Videos :: Posted on 21th February 2007

Added 7 new Ayane Vidoes !! Check below for the download links.

- 7 New Tina Videos

Note :
Due to the massive ammount of bandwidth this site has been getting lately in the last few days, from now on you need to be a registered member at the forum in order to see the media. It only takes a minute to register at the forums !!!

Added More Ayane Videos :: Posted on 19th February 2007

Added 9 new Ayane Vidoes !! Check below for the download links.

- 9 New Ayane Videos

Added More Kasumi Videos :: Posted on 17th February 2007

Added 6 new Kasumi Vidoes !! Check below for the download links.

- 6 New Kasumi Videos

Added More Kokoro Videos :: Posted on 15th February 2007

Added 8 new Kokoro Videos !! Sorry for the lack of updates...but my Capture Card is broken these last few weeks, so i had to fix it :/ But don't worry, now that it's fixed so let's get back to the updates :D

- 8 More Kokoro Videos

Added More Helena Videos :: Posted on 27th January 2007

Added 5 new Helena Videos !!

- More Helena Videos
New Itagaki Interview @ 1Up :: Posted on 23th January 2007

1Up goes head to head with Itagaki, check out what he has to say about the Crystal Boutique mode and the Casino Glitch in DOAX2.

- Itagaki Interivew @ 1Up

Added More Leifang Videos :: Posted on 21th January 2007

Added 5 new Leifang Videos !!

- More Leifang Videos

Added More Hitomi Videos :: Posted on 16th January 2007

Added 7 new Tina Videos !!

- More Tina Videos
Added More Hitomi Videos :: Posted on 11th January 2007

Added 7 new Hitomi Videos !!

- More Hitomi Videos
Added More Kasumi Videos :: Posted on 08th January 2007

Added 5 new Kasumi Videos !!

- More Kasumi Videos

Added More Christie Videos :: Posted on 04th January 2007

Added 6 new Christie Videos. More videos will be added soon so stay tuned !!

- More Christie Videos

Added More Ayane Videos :: Posted on 02nd January 2007

It's been a while since my last videos update, so here we go again...Added 7 new Ayane Videos. ;)

- More Ayane Videos

Happy new Year + Crystal Boutique Mode :: Posted on 01st January 2007

Happy new year everyone !!! I've been very busy lately because of the holiday, but i will be back capping more videos in a week's time :) Also, it seems that buying suits from the Crystal Boutique will UNLOCK the Virtual Picturial mode...so there you have it :) Just remember to buy an extra swimsuit to wear for the girl, because you need to put all the swimsuits in your collection.

Crystal Boutique Mode Unvelied :: Posted on 29th December 2006

Team Ninja has released an in-game marketplace mode for DOAX2 called the "Crystal Boutique". To access this mode you must be connected to Xbox Live connection and go to the Hotel Room at night to make it appears. Here you can buy a complete swimsuits collection for each girl for 400 Microsoft points each, however you will NOT get any archievement points for it. It is not clear whether the Virtual Pictorial mode can be unlocked by buying the entire collection from the boutique.... We'll keep you up to date on this one.

- Crystal Boutique Mode

DOAX2 December 2006 Patch :: Posted on 15th December 2006

As you can see, Tecmo just released a new "patch" for DOAX2 that will disable the "sign out" trick. So if you still want to use that trick, you SHOULD not update it or you won't be able to use the trick anymore. This is imporant because if you really want to unlock the Virtual Picturial mode, then you will NEED this trick badly. Unless you want to play more than 400+ hours of gameplay...Anyways, feel free to read or discuss this at the forum using the link below

- New DOAX2 UPDATE Disables the Sign Out Trick

3 more Hitomi Pole Dance Video added :: Posted on 13th December 2006

Added more Hitomi Pole Dance videos wearing different outfits !!

Leifang Pole Dance Video added :: Posted on 12th December 2006

Added Leifang Pole Dance video. More videos will be added soon, so stay tuned ;)

- Leifang Pole Dance Video

DOAX2 Opening Video added :: Posted on 10th December 2006

I havent capped any new videos yet, but here's something to keep you busy :)

- DOAX2 Opening Video

Tina Pole Dance Video added :: Posted on 6th December 2006

I get this request alot so here ya go, Tina Pole Dance Videos wearing Fortune suit ;) . Click the link below for the DL links

- Tina Pole Dance Videos

Videos Archived:: Posted on 4th December 2006

All the links to the videos is now archived on the Videos section. Please note that you need to be a registered members at the forum to view them !!

Added more DOAX2 Pictures :: Posted on 18th November 2006

Added more DOAX2 pictures, collected from various source. I didnt cap these myself so the quality isnt the best...But i will be capping my own pictures within next week (or so), so stay tuned !!!! ;)

- 50+ new DOAX2 pictures

More DOAX2 Reviews :: Posted on 14th November 2006

Added some DOAX2 Reviews from various sites. Click the links below to check them out.

- DOAX2 Review @ IGN
- DOAX2 Review @ 1UP
- DOAX2 Review @ Team XBOX


DOAX2 US Release Date Moved to 13th Nov :: Posted on 11th November 2006

According to Several source, DOAX2 will be shipped on the November 13th...So keep an eye of it !! Some useful links :

- Xbox.com Official Forum
- EB Games Website


DOAX2 Front and Back Covers :: Posted on 10th November 2006

Added Front and Back covers from the PAL version of DOAX2. Click the links below to check it out

- DOAX2 Front Cover
- DOAX2 Back Cover


3 New Scan From Famitsu Magazine :: Posted on 08th November 2006

Added 3 new scans from Japanese Famitsu Magazine !! Click on the link below to continue.

- New Famitsu Scan Page 01
- New Famitsu Scan Page 02
- New Famitsu Scan Page 03


Itagaki Sued ???? :: Posted on 07th November 2006

Japanese entertainment news site, ZAKZAK, is reporting that Tecmo's Tomonobu Itagaki, father of the Dead or Alive series, is facing allegations of harrassment from a former Tecmo worker. Itagaki, who has become quite a famous face of the game industry thanks to his frequent appearance in magazines, is being asked to pay compensation of 10 million yen. The issue is also thought to be an influence in his unexpected demotion at Tecmo this August. For more details, please click on the link below.

- Full Article Courtesy of 1Up


New Pictures from Famitsu Magazine :: Posted on 06th November 2006

Added few new pictures from Japanese Famitsu Magazine !! Click on the link below to continue.

- New Pictures From Famitsu Magazine


2 new Scans from EGM Magazine :: Posted on 28th October 2006

Added 2 new DOAX2 scans from EGM magazine. Check out the 2nd page for Interview with Itagaki !!

- EGM DOAX2 Scan Page #1
- EGM DOAX2 Scan Page #2

Comments? 7 new DOAX2 Scans :: Posted on 27th October 2006

Added 7 more DOAX2 scans from Famitsu magazine !!!

- New DOAX2 Scan Page #1
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #2
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #3
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #4
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #5
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #6
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #7


4 new DOAX2 Scans :: Posted on 26th October 2006

Added 4 new DOAX2 scans from a japanese magazine.

- New DOAX2 Scan Page #1
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #2
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #3
- New DOAX2 Scan Page #4


DOAX2 TGS Trailer HQ :: Posted on 21th October 2006

As i promised, the HQ version of DOAX2 TGS Trailer, 7:49 long ;)

- DOAX2 8 Minutes Trailer (Mirror) - 150 MB


More Clips + 8 Minutes TGS Trailer soon ! :: Posted on 21th October 2006

I just uploaded 2 better version of Leifang's Pole Dance Clip. The first link is the "best" quality, however you'll need a GOOD computer in order to view it, otherwise it'll lag your computer pretty bad...The 2nd link is more reasonable, so you should be able to view it with no problems at all. Anyways, i am currently uploading the 8 Minutes trailer from Tokyo Game Show, so stay tuned !!! Keep refreshing the page in a hour or two ;)

- Lei Fang Pole Dance Scene Clip (HQ version) - 8 MB
- Lei Fang Pole Dance Scene Clip (Normal version) - 6 MB


New Gamespot After Hours Video :: Posted on 15th October 2006

Gamespot just released a new DOAX2 video footage from their "After Hours" program. You can download the video by clicking the link below. I have splitted the video, so it should covers the DOAX2 part only ;)
- NEW DOAX2 Footage from Gamespot (Mirror)


New DOAX2 Screens :: Posted on 13th October 2006

Added More DOAX2 Scans from the latest Famitsu Magazine !!! (sorry for the quality)
- October Famitsu Scan Page 1
- October Famitsu Scan Page 2
- October Famitsu Scan Page 3


New DOAX2 Screens :: Posted on 8th October 2006

Added More DOAX2 Screens, courtesy of NGamers. Please click the link below to see it
- New DOAX2 Screenshots @ NGamerz


New Scans and New Videos :: Posted on 5th October 2006

Added 1 new magazine scans and 1 new videos :D Check it out

- New Videos (Ayane and Leifang)
- New DOAX2 Scan from Japanese Magazine


Official DOAX2 Japanese Box Art:: Posted on 5th October 2006

The official DOAX2 Japanese Box Art has been unveiled. Please click the link below for details.
- DOAX2 Japanese Box Art


New Videos from X06 :: Posted on 04th October 2006

More videos from X06 !!!
- Tina (Youtube)
- Christie (Youtube)
- Kasumi & Kokoro(Youtube)
- Ayane & Leifang (Youtube)
- Another Video


Official DOAX2 Site:: Posted on 02nd October 2006

The official DOAX2 site has been launched and updated. Please click the link below to visit it.
- DOAX2 Official Site


New Pictures and Video :: Posted on 25th September 2006

Added tons of new pictures from DOAX2 screening at Tokyo Game show !!! Also don't forget to check out Leifang's Pole Dance video from Youtube (2nd link) :O
- New TGS Captures
- Leifang's Pole Dance video


2 New Gameplay Videos :: Posted on 24th September 2006

Added 2 new DOAX2 Gameplay Videos courtesy of Xboxhyde.com. Check it out !!

- Gameplay Video #1
- Gameplay Video #2


New Famitsu Scans and Release Date :: Posted on 21th September 2006

According to several sources in the media and websites, DOAX2 should be released in the US on 22th November 2006 :D Also, we just added 3 new scans from Famitsu Magazines. Check it out !!

- New Famitsu Scan #1
- New Famitsu Scan #2
- New Famitsu Scan #3


New DOAX2 CG TRAILER !!! MUST SEE!!! :: Posted on 20th September 2006

A new DOAX2 CG trailer is out !!! This is must see for any DOAX2 fan ;) Click the link below to see it.
- DOAX2 CG Trailer
- DOAX2 CG Trailer (downloadable version)


DOAX2 set for November Release Date....? :: Posted on 17th September 2006

A Japanese DOAX2 ad with November release date has been spotted (Click the link below to see it). :D
- Japanese DOAX2 Ad


11 New DOAX2 Videos, and New Interview !!! :: Posted on 07th September 2006

IGN finally released the first 11 videos of DOAX2 Gameplay. They also have a new Interview with Itagaki regarding the latest dead or alive game. Please check the link below for mode details :

- 11 New DOAX2 Videos (IGN)
- Itagaki Interview (IGN)


5 New Famitsu DOAX2 Scans :: Posted on 29th August 2006

Added 5 new DOAX2 scans from Japanese Famitsu Magazine. Click on the links below for details :
- Page 1
- Page 2
- Page 3
- Page 4
- Page 5


New Famitsu DOAX2 Scans :: Posted on 23th August 2006

Added new DOAX2 scans from Japanese Famitsu Magazine. Click on the links below for details :
- Page 1
- Page 2

New Gamepro DOAX2 Scans :: Posted on 19th August 2006

Added new DOAX2 scans from Gamepro Magazine. Click on the links below for details :
- Cover
- Page 1
- Page 2
- Page 3
- Page 4

DOAX2 is 60% Done, according to Itagaki :: Posted on 8th August 2006

Team Ninja gave the editors of Japan's Famitsu Xbox 360 a first crack at the game, which saw its video trailer debut at this past E3. The magazine also got some commentary from producer Tomonobu Itagaki. The title is currently 60% complete, Itagaki disclosed to the magazine. "Excluding beach volleyball, the game engine is mostly complete. For beach volleyball, we had the previous title, so we left it until the end, but since we're at last finishing up the other areas, we're at the point where it's about time we start making the new beach volleyball." Team Ninja still has a lot of work ahead of it, with Itagaki hoping to increase the number of bathing suits so that it's comparable with that of the original. This is apparently a time consuming process that requires fine tuning to make sure all the girls can wear the different outfits. The team is also working on creating "a massive number" of gravure pictures and accessories.

The real mode of play in DOAX2 is the Vacation Mode, which strings all the games together. Team Ninja is now working away at completing this mode. The Vacation Mode will, like the original, take place over a two week period. You're free to play beach volleyball and jet skiing, the main events, from the start. The other beach activities require that you earn zacks (money) and purchase tickets from the sports shop. You start off the game with two items: a jet ski and an old camera. The camera is used for taking pictures of the girls, and when Itagaki calls it old, he means it. "If the camera that was used in Dead or Alive 4 were in the real world, and it would become a reality in the year 2020, this old camera would have the abilities of a 1970s model. It is, of course, manual focus." Itagaki feels that players will be able to take impressive shots even with this camera, but those who want an auto focus camera can purchase one in the Zack Shop.

Team Ninja has made some changes to the graphics style it used for DOA4. Itagaki noted that he tends to focus on two things with visuals: high color saturation and avoiding excessive contrast. For DOAX2, contrast became an important area of the visuals, with the game attempting to properly show shadows. "What we wanted to express in this game was the hot sunshine of the tropics and the feel that girls are actually there. With that meaning, we've changed our means of expression from before." Itagaki was also asked to comment on the new activities being featured in the game. The original hopping game made use of the Xbox's pressure sensitive buttons. For DOAX2, Team Ninja has come up with a system where the floatation pads are colored to correspond with the 360's face buttons, and in order to connect your jump, you have to push the appropriate button. The floatation device game, where two girls turn back to back on a floating boat and attempt to push each other off, plays like paper-rock-scissors, with Itagaki joking that its the closest mini game to DOA4. The Beach Flag game, where two girls race to grab a flag, involves smashing buttons in order to run fastest, although players have to push the B button at just the right time in order to dive for the flag.

The game has a total of five mini-game activities: the three mentioned above, along with water tug of war and water slider. In addition, you can head off to a casino to earn more cash, just as you could in the original. "Each location has surprising elements beyond this," Itagaki also noted to the magazine. Moving onto the main areas of play, Itagaki first discussed the jet ski game. "It's still in development, but just moving around on the water feels good. The foundation is solid, so it seems that no matter what rules you add, it will be interesting." Team Ninja has just started fitting trick-based play mechanics into the game. The game has five different jet sky types, focusing on such areas as speed and cornering. Each type comes in four class variations, with higher classes having more power. Xbox Live play will feature the top class from each machine type. The girls don't have different abilities on the jet skies. Although Team Ninja originally considered implementing such a system, they dropped the idea in favor of implementing fine differences for the jet skies themselves.

Volleyball is seeing a massive number of changes. Currently, Team Ninja is working to "calm down" the camera, with Itagaki recognizing that the original's camera, which attempted to follow the ball around, was too fast. The new volleyball engine will keep the camera focused on the player's court. This, Itagaki feels, has the added bonus of being perfect for Xbox Live, where each player can have his own view of the action. The techniques used to score points are being adjusted too. "If you liken the last title to a fighting game, it would be like a game where guard is set to default," said Itagaki. "We're making it so that more points are scored by blocks and spikes." This apparently includes a new form of spike pattern. Volleyball, jet ski and the other mini games aside, the real reason to play DOAX2 is for the girls. "We spent all of April, May and June doing motion capture," commented Itagaki on the game's gravure scenes, of which we can expect over 170. This works out to 15+ per character, although the game also has an "impersonation" system through which each girl can perform the gravure scenes of the other girls. For instance, even if you play just as Kasumi, you can view 170 different gravure scenes.

The game will also offer pair gravure scenes, which have to be unlocked, apparently by building up the relationship between the two girls who appear in the scene. You can even unlock "rare gravure" scenes. Itagaki expects players to take at least 20 to 30 hours to complete a single character, and he wants players to at least get through the game with two characters. That's a whole lot of time with the Dead or Alive girls, but as far as videogames are concerned, we can't think of a better way to spend the cold Christmas season.


2 New MAGAZINE SCANS oF DOAX2!!! :: Posted on 27th July 2006

More DOAX2 scans from Japanese Magazine Famitsu :

Page 2
Page 1

4 New DOAX2 Images !!! :: Posted on 21th July 2006

Finally some updates. A few days ago, 4 new DOAX2 pics started appearing on the net. Check out the links below if you haven't seen them yet. It's looking good ;)

Site Moved - Please Update Your Bookmark :: Posted on 28th June 2006

We are having problems with the old server (www.doaxtreme.net) so we decided to register a new one. Please update your bookmark people !!! Also, images and Videos section are DOWN until further notice because of bandwidth reason...sorry about that.

Interview: Tomonobu Itagaki :: Posted on 7th June 2006

Team Ninja's head ninja, Tomonobu Itagaki, was once again present and accounted for at E3 2006. We sat down with Itagaki-san to discuss how the Dead or Alive series has developed, where the series is going with DOA Xtreme 2, online fighting games, and several other all important matters. Itagaki was dressed in his usual rock star attire of black shades and a black jacket, and right before we sat down with him, he was mobbed by some of the hardcore DOA fans over at DOA Central.

Itagaki and his fellow developers at Team Ninja pushed back Dead or Alive 4 for over a month after the launch of the Xbox 360. At the Tokyo Game Show, he informed us that he had been working for several days without any sleep. When we asked Itagaki what he did after DOA4 was finally completed, he informed us that he took a month off just goofing around before starting work on DOAX2.
....Click here for the FULL interview.

Forums Lauched :: Posted on 20th May 2006

The forums is officialy launched today. Come and Join our community now !! ;)

E3 2006: The Itagaki Interview :: Posted on 12th May 2006

After the rather rough production schedule Team Ninja endured in the production of Dead Or Alive 4 for Xbox 360, we really didn't know what kind of mood team leader Tomonobu Itagaki would be in when we met with at E3. But the slim, long-haired, sun-glass wearing game designer came to E3 this year with a smile on his face and a cheerful disposition. Apparently, now that DOA4 is completed, Itagaki can get some sleep and dream of those beautiful DOAX2 girls in a different light.

Due by fall 2006, Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 (more commonly called DOAX2) is Team Ninja's follow-up to the esoteric gift-giving/mini-game heavy/volleyball Xbox game. At E3 2006, we had the chance to sit down with Itagaki and talk about the game's various permutations and next-generation treatment. We also followed up on our conversation with Itagaki about the possibility of Ninja Gaiden 2 going to another system other than Xbox 360, which we wrote about, to Itagaki's dismay, last year. For the full interview, please visit IGN by clicking this link

First DOAX2 images and Trailer !!! :: Posted on 9th May 2006

Added 24 new DOAX2 images and trailer to the DOAX2 section !! Check it out!

DOAX 2 - More E3 Update :: Posted on 7th May 2006

According to Microsoft, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2--which no longer has "beach volleyball" in the title, but retains it in the game. Microsoft did not specify which of the aforementioned games would be getting trailers and which would be getting demos. We will keep you up-to-date with this.
Source: Gamespot

Itagaki to unveil DOAX2 at E3 :: Posted on 25th April 2006

While Tecmo producer Tomonobu Itagaki just released Dead or Alive 4 a few months ago, he's already working hard on his next project for the Xbox 360. In an interview with Famitsu Xbox 360, he revealed that development on Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 is being fast-tracked, and he expects to show off a trailer of the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Itagaki spent January and February working on DOA4's patch and preparing for development on DOAX2. It wasn't until this month, though, that he traveled to Microsoft's Seattle headquarters to make a presentation of the game. Still, he has confidence in its creation, commenting to Famitsu Xbox 360 that development is proceeding extremely quickly. His developers are already working on swimsuits, and they've also started recording the opening and ending cinematics. Like DOA4, the game will feature prerendered cinematics, as Itagaki prefers their visual quality.

Itagaki referred to DOAX2 as a "swimsuit game," and although he didn't elaborate, he confirmed that it will feature more than just volleyball. Itagaki plans to unveil some of the new, non-volleyball material in DOAX2 at E3. Looking back at the first DOAX, Itagaki felt that it was a bit monotonous as a game. Although DOAX2's concept will continue to be a "vacation in the southern islands," he said there are plans to spice things up overall. He said that the game is currently being developed by double the number of staff as the original DOAX. Itagaki confirmed that players will be able to challenge one another via Xbox Live in DOAX2, though he didn't seem to be completely fond of the idea. Itagaki admitted that shortly before the Famitsu interview, his team came to the conclusion that playing volleyball on the Xbox Live simply wouldn't be fun in comparison to DOA4's online fighting. Therefore, Itagaki hopes to add in some other online modes, which he had not disclosed as of press time.
Source: Gamespot

Itagaki serving up DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 next :: Posted on 20th April 2006

In the interview, Itagaki also confirmed that his next Xbox 360 release will be Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2, the sequel to the risqué 2003 sports game. Itagaki said Team Ninja is already working on the opening and ending scenes for the game, and he is currently implementing some new ideas to the original design. Itagaki avoided commenting on a release period.

After DOAXBV2, Itagaki say he will release an "action game." However, he hinted that the title in question won't be a sequel to Ninja Gaiden, which means it will either be Project Progressive, Dead or Alive Code: Cronus, or another title. He says the keyword for the game will be "interactivity," which will also go for the next Ninja Gaiden. He did not elaborate.
Source: Gamespot

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